birth doula


starting at $2,100

Helping you create the birth you desire. Physical, mental, and emotional support throughout labor and delivery.


Free interview to ensure we’re a good match for each other

3 prenatal appointments

Continuous email and text support during pregnancy

At 37 weeks, 24 hour on-call phone and text support

1-3 hours of immediate postpartum support following the birth

1 in home postpartum visit (between 1-10 days postpartum


postpartum doula


starting at $35/hr

minimum 4 hour

A commitment to nourishing and nurturing the mother during the 4th trimester. Non-judgmental support, meeting you where you are, curating a loving environment for your to bond with your newborn.


Complimentary initial meeting

Consultation to create your custom postpartum plan according to your specific needs

4 Hour minimum shifts

Always customized to meet your family’s needs


A commitment to provided accurate education to new parents regarding all aspects of newborn care. The focus is nurturing and taking care of the newborn while providing the needed guidance and education to parents. A much needed service to allow parents time to sleep and rest overnight.

newborn care specialist

starting at $40/hr

minimum 8 hour, maximum 12 hr shift


sleep conditioning, building healthy sleep habits

breastfeeding/bottle feeding

scheduling and creating routines

diapering, bathing, circumcision care


placenta encapsulation


starting at $300

prints starting at $25

tincture starting at $50

Everything that your baby requires before birth is produced by or travels through your placenta. It is a bountiful reserve of nutrients and hormones that connects you to your child. After you birth your baby, you can nourish your own body from the same rich supply. Benefits can include:


Reducing fatigue

Increasing breastmilk production

Preventing postpartum depression

Restoring a more balanced bodily function

Providing an overall feeling of wellness